Letters to the Future: Celebrating Earth Day 2020 as we plan for the next 50 years

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020, University of Miami Professor of Practice Xavier Cortada invites you to write an open letter to a University of Miami student living in 2070 and submit it using the form below.  It will be posted online for the public to read, contemplate and act on.

Although these letters are written for people not yet born, our true audience is those breathing in the present and, based on their actions, capable of delivering a better future.

Write an open letter to a student attending the University of Miami in 2070:

  • Tell them who you are (e.g., your name, age, UM affiliation, and where you’re from).
  • Tell them what you see (eg., how our society is responding to environmental degradation and climate change).
  • Tell them why you are writing to them (e.g., tell them what you will do to make Earth Day 2070 worth celebrating).  

this project has ended

To write a Letter to the Future, you can participate on the main project page here.