“Mangroves (on Blue)”

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The Reclamation Project – Xavier Cortada’s participatory eco-art project was launched on Earth Day 2006, during the opening of a month-long installation at the Bass Museum of Art. In this inaugural year, 2,500 red mangrove seedlings were adopted by retail businesses across South Beach. In subsequent years, volunteers have collected seedlings from various Miami-Dade County locations where they would otherwise have perished and distributed them to retail and commercial businesses in South Beach, schools and the science museum. Prior to this project Cortada spent two years painting and representing Florida’s mangrove habitat.

Xavier Cortada, “Mangroves (on Blue),” 48″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas, 2005 – Limited edition (out of 100) signed archival print. Buy your own personal signed edition of one of the paintings Cortada created to help connect people to the disappearing mangrove ecosystem on Florida’s coast. Click here to view Xavier Cortada’s 2014 public art project at Dante Fascell Apartments (Miami-Dade Housing Authority), Miami, FL.


25 in stock

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