Schedule & Prices

Registration is now closed for Module 1. Limited space available in remaining sections. 


Full Semester: 15 Weeks (August 31 – December 11)

Module 1: Defend Biodiversity using Science Art
5 Weeks (August 31 – October 2)

Module 2: Conserve Florida’s Fragile Ecosystems
5 Weeks (October 5 – November 6)

Module 3: Discover the North & South Poles
5 Weeks (November 9 – December 11)

Dates & times

Homeschool STEAM Enrichment Option (Mon – Fri)
          Grades 9-12: 2:00pm – 3:15pm

After-School Program (Mon – Fri)
          Grades 3-5: 3:30pm – 4:45pm
          Grades 6-8: 5:00pm – 6:15pm
          Grades 9-12: 6:30pm – 7:45pm



Full Semester: $3000
Single Module: $1,200 $950**
Single Week: $300


Full Semester: $2,250
Single Module: $900 $750**
Single Week: $225

* To learn about future need-based scholarship opportunities, visit FAQ

** Inaugural discount for 2020 modules

on-site and online

Pinecrest Gardens is offering the Academy’s on-site after-school programming in a limited capacity and purely in an outdoor setting.

Contingent on on-site enrollment, to accommodate students who are unable to join the Academy on-site due to class size restrictions, lack of transportation, or health precautions, all classes would simultaneously be available via Zoom for a distance learning alternative.

Students who register for the Academy and choose the online option would be full participants in every discussion, project, and activity that takes place on-site at Pinecrest Gardens. While students on-site will receive a personal bin containing all necessary materials, students online would be shipped an identical kit containing all of the supplies they will need to participate remotely. 

To create a uniform experience for all students in the Academy if there is a Zoom component, on-site students would receive an iPad, earbuds, and internet access so they can be on the Zoom call with their online peers throughout each class. This method allows for all students, on-site or online, to see and hear one another in an engaged and meaningful way.

Pinecrest Gardens, South Florida’s Cultural Arts Park, presents Cortada Science Art Academy at Pinecrest Gardens as part of the Village of Pinecrest’s educational programming.

For more information contact or visit