Pinecrest Gardens’ Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada stands in front of his studio in Whilden-Carrier Cottage

Xavier Cortada, Artist

Adam Roberti, Director


Cortada Projects
Pinecrest Gardens

11000 SW 57th Avenue
Pinecrest, FL 33156

(305) 858-1323

Xavier Cortada’s participatory art practice is implemented through Cortada Projects at Pinecrest Gardens.  Cortada Projects uses the power of art to engage the community in learning about and addressing important ecological concerns including global climate change, sea-level rise, and biodiversity loss. Through exhibitions at the Pinecrest Gardens’ Hibiscus Gallery, interactive installations along its Colonnade, and programming at the weekly onsite Farmer’s Market, Cortada Projects establishes a platform for community conversation and environmental action. 

Instagram: @cortadaprojects
Facebook: @cortadaprojects

The Team

Xavier Cortada, Artist
Adam Roberti, Director
Ryan Deering, Communication Manager
Shirley Chong, Studio Assistant
Rome Frost, Plan(T) Coordinator
Shawn Wilborne, Trash Talk Coordinator
Jamal Wilson, Underwater HOA Coordinator

The Map